The definition of power takes on a completely different meaning when it comes to women empowerment. When our own Karla Maldonado was asked to bring reggaeton to her dance classes, she fell in love with an opportunity that not only brought the moves and flavor of reggaeton, but also managed to empower women and make them feel some type of sexy. This was the beginning of VXN Kumbala.

In June of 2020, against all odds, a revolution took over Kumbala. Suddenly Salsa and Bachata weren’t the ones blasting through the speakers. Reggaeton with a touch of hip-hop came in and quickly became one of our favorites. People all around Dallas showed up and showed out! Between the milkshake, booty popping and beat dropping a year flew by. We were having so much fun we barely noticed. 

On the night of June 25, 2021 Kumbala hosted a celebration. The usual lights of VXN shined throughout the studio with balloons to help reflect them. Some spelling out VXN crowned the celebration. In another room our vendors helped us celebrate, a special shoutout to (insert vendors here) for joining us for this special event. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks waited for the dancers who were in the other room eagerly anticipating the music to start. 

The celebration began with a toast and a thank you from Karla, because without our VXN Army we wouldn’t be here one year later. After some champagne our VXN Army filled the room and took their places on the dance floor. From the moment the first song dropped to the final beat of the last song, the VXN Kumbala Army was hyped and did.not.stop. Our lovely photographer and videographer, Joanna Serrano and Daven Wilson, were among the rhythm and beat as the music played. They managed to capture every unforgettable moment. 

After almost an hour of booty shaking, popping and dropping, Karla led her army to the final song. When DJ Vicente played the last air horn, there was a sense of togetherness and empowerment in the air. We’ve made it! The celebration continued with a raffle of several pieces of merch and memberships that included our salsa and bachata classes. Then we moved into the other room where our sponsors informed us of our opportunities and we enjoyed some well deserved finger food while the clicking of the camera went off as we posed for what may as well be family pictures. Through hard times we came together for a little perreo and together we’ll continue till the next year and those after that. Feeling empowered every step, or booty shake, of the way.

Together we are VXN Army Kumbala!

Reggaeton always and forever!