Step step tap took on a different meaning at our Bachata Styling Workshop. 

As a studio, we’ve noticed that there are some techniques that can’t be fully covered in our usual salsa and bachata classes, they need extra attention. That’s when we created our Kumbala Workshops Series. Every first Wednesday of the month we brought a different specialty forward and created space to properly give it time and movement. In June we decided to work on our body movement and challenge our students to up their Bachata game! We’re not saying we had the best body rolls in Dallas but we had the best body rolls in Dallas. 

How many different ways can you move your hips?

Well there’s a side to side, a figure 8, an up and down- and that’s just the beginning. 

What about a body roll? Do you know where it should start?

If not, you should have joined us. 

The ultimate footwork turned out to be a combination of urban and sensual bachata that made you feel some sort of way! Between different arms movements, hips swings and a  certain body roll that could leave people in awa – our students had a lot to add to their repertoire.

If that’s not giving a step step tap a different meaning, I don’t know what is.  

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